earth girls are easy
"[Mary's] muse is not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.'

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Yo I'm Mary or 菲菲 or whatever u wanna nickname me really.

19 yr old cis gal from Melbourne and a giant trash infant.

i smell books and taste films and i probably care more about fictional characters than my own life (definitely).

Megane & big dweeb pls talk to me.

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Can you believe I spent almost $200 today… warbles HEY BIG SPENDER

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TODAY IS MY LUCKY DAY!!!! in the mood for love for cinema and also reservoir dogs/steve buscemi clips in the lecture!!!! 

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✨ keir dullea and gary lockwood at #astortheatre #2001aspaceodyssey 🎬🌟💫

✨ keir dullea and gary lockwood at #astortheatre #2001aspaceodyssey 🎬🌟💫

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i have the worst dreams when I nap this should honestly discourage me from wasting precious studying daytime. I had a dream where I got really mean blog comments (I mean my subject blog not this one)

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Tutoring for 2 hrs… I talk a lot when I teach so my voice is like gone ugh

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every week for my cinema blog i struggle SO MUCH to think of something to write so i never post it earlier in the week where everyone gets comments! so then i tell myself to write it on sunday (or later) and write a short post (it has to be min 200 words approx) but then i end up doing a long post anyway like 500+ and it ends up being good so i’m really proud I WANT PEOPLE TO READ IT AND COMMENT thank you. 

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had a dream that i went to boarding school, spike jonze came and taught us a class about video games, signed a flyer for me and addressed me as ‘mrs. mia wallace’ and wrote a cute message, used my legs as a pillow

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SAVE ME FROM HETERONORMATIVITY AND CASUAL MALE-DEFAULTNESS IN NARRATIVES!!!!!!! SAVE ME ok like twice in the same week (in a discussion about movies) i’ve had dudes give vague examples but saying things like “he wants her” (as an example of character objective/motivation) or like “he kills her” (as an example of cause/effect in classic hollywood narratives) STOP!!!!! THIS!!!!

the 2 film societies at my uni have little-NO girls in positions of authority…. i’m so annoyed by this, no girls have stepped up for a position of leadership which is sad!! the film soc president is a girl though which is good but no one else on the committee is… i’m going to go for committee member next sem

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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY i love it and i can’t even explain why, i don’t understand it i never will???????? i keep thinking i won’t be scared of it but each time i watch it i’m so terrified, the breathing sounds make me so paranoid. the soundtrack is flawless ksjdhgjkhvks

I SAW PEOPLE WITH SIGNED 2001 POSTERS!!!!! I’M REALLY JEALOUS!!!! should’ve gotten a photo + keir and gary. I almost asked them a question too during Q&A i was really hesitant and then i finally thought of a question but they didn’t have time which is probably for the better hahaah, they took like 4 audience questions all from dudes who introduced themselves as film students ahahaah

I WAS TAKLING TO MY FRIEND (about cowboy bebop and eva and i was jealous cos he has a BEAUTIFUL cb poster BUT) about insincere volunteering/charity work that ultimately turns out harmful to the people you’re “helping”……. anyway long conversation i’m not going to replicate here but……. that got me thinking lol………. i have a girl on fb who is actually THAT white saviour girl, i can’t believe i know someone like this….. makes pseudo-awareness posts all the time and garners attention for her “charity work” (quotation marks there for a reason) and her dp is her with ~underprivileged kids whoa~~ and then posts photos of her at music festivals with the most fucking obnoxious native headdress/war bonnet!!!! WHITE SAVIOURS SMH!!!


other bad things: i have a lot of coursework to catch up on!!! it should be ok tho. also i ripped small holes in my tights and a BIG hole in my fitted sheet (wtf?????). also other bad things some people i know have developed bad + obnoxious attitudes about things and it’s stressing me out…… ugh

i need like 10 jobs to save up for trips aaaaaaahH

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probably wasted a few hrs today watching block b videos where they do some weird butt-dance

also i had cramps so i took painkillers and had a 1hr terrible nap and i had a HORRIFYING dream where i became like a flesh mass but also kind of like a sponge??? and my body spread out and i was like ‘i’m having another neural breakdown’ ?????? and soft hip hop played in the background w meaningful lyrics sung by the evangelion cast actually it probably wasn’t even me that experienced body horror it was probably characters of eva i dunno it was anxiety-inducing and horrifying then i woke up and was like I H8 MYSELF and i had to study for 9847982347 hrs

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hi friends i have a test on wednesday i’m going to flunk because i decided to cram everything in the last 4 days or so lol, it feels like i’ve been studying a lot because i’ve been madly rewatching lectures for hrs and my eyes burn but actually i have a lot to write HAHAHA hopefully i’ll be able to do it by tomorrow before a filmmaking workshop i CONVENIENTLY HAVE

whatever what i was going to say is that i want to your messages/asks/everythings but i’ll do that after wednesday i may look to be active on tumblr rn but i’m literally here to get overdoses of The Boyband i’m soooo ashamed

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bless good catering me and Rachel were legit at the food all night I shouldn’t have even had dinner tbh. consumed too much ruining my health etc whatever

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also I’m tryna get my sister to come to orchestral concerts with me but she’s not into it….. lol nerd. wanna go to dreamworks exhibit also

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can’t wait till my midsem tests are over (and by that I mean me failing them) and for my grandparents to come back from china (in like 2 months tho lol) so I can utilise my uni lib resources and take out Chinese films to watch with them. I will try to watch then without eng subtitles.

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