earth girls are easy
"[Mary's] muse is not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.'

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mary OR galaxy_菲菲. i'm 19 i'm from melbourne!!! i smell books and taste films and i probably care more about fictional characters than my own life (definitely).

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Finally seeing gotg hallelujah!! Also my outfit is pretty nice today

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once i had to not eat for like 16 hrs?? i think, it was overnight though. i was so overwhelmed and SO HUNGRY i tried to sleep for as long as possible……. i’m soooo weak……..

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also today i literally checked out os many girls’ hair styles??????? so admirable omfg so many people have nice hair colours and styles which suit their face i wish i could look good with a middle part or like straight hair pulled back bc it’s clean and simple HMmMM>…………….. ALSO THERE WAS THIS GIRL WITH LOOONG BLEACHED HAIR IT WAS LIKE WHITE/SILVER/VIOLET IT WAS SOOOOOO NICE AND she was dressed so well too i nearly took a photo but that’s a bit….. :\

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i just said like an hr ago i’m going to restrict snacking i had to run away from the pantry we still have leftover moon cakes. i’m salivating right now i can never stick to diets ever I’M SO HUNGRY…… I had a massive lunch today and like a ton of froyo fUCK

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literally listens to a zhang yixing mix and cries bc i’m a weenie. i have a test in 10 hrs sorry i’m not prepared at all LMAO! my printer is so slow help me ugh

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Just got an expensive $$$ haircut my ma subsidized like 70% of it I said I’d either dye black again or bleach it at the end of the year go hard or go home but I did neither of these I’m so fake… so tired of brown hair but here I am again…. I used to be so TT___TT about bleaching my hair bc it costs so much but now that I earn decent $ per week and just spent more than I ever thought I would on hairdressing I’m more inclined ahah

I’m eating laksa now wooo

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My tonsils are so swollen omg I can’t even talk. I have a test today. This morning I’m 90% sure I saw a guy pissing outside :S

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let the world know I had a dream I met kris wu yi fan it was nice

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Good things recently: we did a trivia night on Friday and our team totally smashed I’m so proud. Got a postcard from -moshimosh. Started stanning park jimin.

Bad things: test this week. Test next week. Academics in danger my life in danger.

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i found a powerpoint in the foyer of a uni building so i’m blooooging while waiting for elskamandias and belgra they’re like half an hr + late hahaha drag them

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but i’m stupid today bc we’re screening la dolce vita and i watched less than a 1/3 of it and had to leave bc i have too much work TT_____TT

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i haven’t talked to anyone all day so i feel a bit :\\ but i brought home cake from work + gotta work on my weird trumpet piece now 

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some things before i go back to studying:

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also a lot of my friends overlook the fact that I experienced an actual diasporic remove which makes my life experiences distinct from theirs… this is so overlooked also I think it’s even worse due to my family situation I think some people don’t realise how lucky they are and think that we are similar but??

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it’s heck late I don’t even think my brain is coherent so I can say this now, haha. recently (not that recently…. also always) getting really fed up with some of my friends’ behaviors and ideals… coming out at the worst opportunities. i feel so disgusted. I got someone telling me “it’s unnecessary to be a missionary for diversity” I know multiple people still fetishising gay couples, people still love to invalidate arguments with the classic “but ALL ______ experience this same problem too!”, useless fuckass boys not respecting my contributions and position etc. maybe I’ll think of more. Ok it sucks that these are people I know goodnight zzzzz

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