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"[Mary's] muse is not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.'

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mary OR galaxy_菲菲. i'm 19 i'm from melbourne!!! i smell books and taste films and i probably care more about fictional characters than my own life (definitely).

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alright so if i had to do a top 10 based on the miserably low amount of 2012 films i’ve seen it’d have to be (really roughly i’m so bad at rankings):

  1. Wreck-It Ralph
  2. The Avengers
  3. Skyfall
  4. 21 Jump Street
  5. The Dark Knight Rises
  6. Les Miserables (tied 5th and 6th tbh)
  7. Brave
  8. Moonrise Kingdom
  9. Goon
  10. We Need to Talk about Kevin

hon. mention: Chronicle

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petition for me to find the cinematographer & camera operator(s) of les mis and slap them really REALLY hard.

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today things:
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I haven’t been able to keep up with my 2012 movies list due to the marathons on schoolies + the large amount of movies i watched during exam period when i wasn’t supposed to but

just saw Skyfall

like it had amazing cinematography

best looking bond film (out of the 3 that I’ve seen lol)

and got 2 new things of nail polish

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the opening and closing monologues i can’t

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Infernal Affairs (2002)

I may have been falling asleep during this so I’ll have to rewatch.

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shit didn’t realise tumblr was back

watched O Lucky Malcolm! and fangirled everywhere

now chemistry time

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La Haine (1995) 

would recommend.

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Hero (2002)

I lied I didn’t watch The Shining.

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Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita (1962)

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500 Days of Summer (2009)

I have no idea why I watched this again

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Hannah and her sisters (1986)

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Snatch (2000)

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

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Ratatouille (2007)

yes i did

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